Pricing for Play, Parties & Tours

Below are our standard prices for Play, Parties and School Tours.

If you have specific requirements, please contact us to get a quotation for your event.


2 hours Play Time

Kids over 2 years: €8.00 per child

Kids under 2 years €6.50 per child


2 hours play with food, drink, party bag and invitations
€ 13.50 per child



School Tours

Play only
€ 8.00 per child

2 hours play with food and drink
€ 12.50 per child

What Our Visitors Say!

I booked a birthday party for my boy and all his friends. It was really excellent and they all had a wonderful time.

Best of all I had no mess to clean up after!

Julia Smith

Mother of 2

The girls had such a great time at one of the birthday parties, so I decided to arrange a party for them. Everything went smoothly, and all the kids were very much excited!

Joan Adams

Busy working mum

My boy loves this place! I have heard so many positive things about the center, and when we finally arrived here, it all happened to be true! Thank you for the amazing services!

Anna Lee

Mom of a boy